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 Drum Brake Shoes

Part# Dia x W Application Price 11/01/10


FSB700 200x30 BMW R45, R50, R65, /5,/6,/7 R 68.00

FSB701 200x30 BMW R65, R80, R100 R 68.00

FSB806 200x30 BMW R50, R60/5, R60/6, R75/5 to 1975 F 68.00

FSB863 200x27BMW R65, R100R/RS/RT/CS                                                                          68.00

FSB807 125x25 BUL Sherpa; Alpina; Pursang125 Mk6-9, 250Mk6-8                                   32.00

FSB857 140x30 BUL Frontera; Pursang 250 Mk9, 360 Mk7/8 R, 370Mk9-12                       32.00

FSB812 160x30 HUS 1972 to 1980 most; 1981 on, some 40.00

FSB850 160x25 HUS 43.00

FSB847 136x25 MAI 72 to 84 F           28.00

FSB819 160x30 MAI 69 to 84 R 33.00

FSB796 220x25 M-G 4LS front(1462 0805)(2 required) 53.00

FSB880 220x40 M-G 2LS front(1262 0800) 53.00

FSB881 220x40 M-G SLS rear(1263 7400) 53.00

FSB814 130x30 KTM/PEN F most 33.00

FSB815 181x25 KTM/PEN R                    44.00

FSB816 130x22 KTM F 2LS 33.00

FSB817 140x25 KTM/PEN F 30.00


FSB920 8x1.25 NOR Commando F #06-0006 50.00

FSB922 7x1.25 NOR Commando & Atlas R #06-3417 50.00

FSB923 8x1.25 NOR Atlas F #06-7715 55.00

FSB916 138x25 TRI Cub 32.00

FSB921 8x1.625 TRI SLS #37-1732/3 1966 & 67 67.00


FSB705 110x25 HON CR125 F & R, misc XL, XR, MT, TL, et al 20.00

FSB707 140x25 HON CR250 F & R, misc XL, XR, MT, MR, et al                                         29.00

FSB710 180x39 HON CB650/750 rear                                                                                         43.00

FSB714 95x20 HON 50cc; CR/XR80; XR100 F&R 21.00

FSB741 180x30 HON CB450/500T/500/550 R 42.00

FSB742 160x30 HON CB350/360/400F R 35.00

FSB749 140x30 HON CB175/200 R 27.00

FSB943 180x30 HON CB/CL350; CB/CL/CJ360; CB/CM400 2LS F 38.00

V116               180x30           HON CB160 F (Vesrah)                                                                                     33.00

V117               200x30           HON CB72/77 F&R; CB450 F   (Vesrah)                                                         35.00

FSB721 130x28 KAW KX125, 250 F&R; SUZ RM&TM125, 250 F&R et al 25.00

FSB722 110x30 KAW AR50; K*100 F&R; SUZ 50s, 80s, 100s, 125s, PE250/400 F&R 25.00

FSB724 150x28 KAW KX250 R; SUZ RM&TM250 R et al 31.00

FSB773 180x28 SUZ GT250/380/500/550 R; T500 R 38.00

FSB779 150x22 SUZ RM250/465 X/Z F 31.00

FSB782 160x40 SUZ RE500; GT/GS750 R 44.00

FSB786 120x22 SUZ RM125D/X/Z/E/F/H/G/H R; RM250X/Z/D R 23.00

FSB793 180x30 KAW A1/A7/S1/S2 R; KH/KZ400 R 42.00

FSB950 200x40 SUZ T-500 F 45.00

FSB732 110x25 YAM HS/HT/LS/LT/AT/CT/TY etal 20.00

FSB733 130x28 YAM YZ & MX 125 & 175 R; some YZ, DT, TT, XT, TY R 23.00

FSB734 150x25 YAM DT & RT 1-3, MX250 & 360, SC500,YZ 465-490 R 29.00

FSB735 180x30 YAM 350 & 650 R 43.00

FSB737 130x22 YAM YZ12583-87, IT200L/N/S R; TY359 N/S F 29.00

FSB763 130x22 YAM YZ/IT125/250/465/490 2LS F 27.00

FSB765 200x40 YAM XV400/535/650/1000/1100, TX750 R 47.00

FSB767 160x25 YAM YZ & MX 250B&400, IT, TT500 R; Enduro F etal 33.00

FSB769 180x40 YAM TX/XS/XV500; XJ/XZ550/650; XV750 R 46.00

FSB770 180x30 YAM CS3-5, DS6&7, TZ125, YR1&2, R3&5, et al 2LS 46.00

FSB913 130x22 YAM YZ, MX, TT, IT front                                                                             27.00