Customers and Comments

"Just a quick note to thank you for your prompt and considerate service. It's nice to deal with a company that shows a genuine concern for the customer. It's a rarity for me to get such great service, including follow up phone calls, regarding my brake pads. I'll mention to my knucklehead racing buddies how well I was treated and try to steer some business your way."
Bill Welch

“I thought you would like to know that the last front brake job (H-D) you did, saved a man’s life, when a car turned left in front of him.” Kirby -- Keowee Motorcycles

“2520V:Best material you are _ever_ likely to use. I improved by over 7 seconds a lap (doing a 1m 41s) after swapping to this lining type. Brilliant.” Alec Millet  AUS

" I appreciate your quick turnaround and dedication to providing a quality product which supports AHRMA Vintage racing. Thanks once again."
Rusty Lowery AHRMA Trustee

"After a 2 hours blast in the canyons 2-up, no fade. It still stops better than my Le Mans."
Bob Lily, Go Go Moto -Moto Guzzi Ambassador (2420V)

"As far as thrashing them, the wife and I rode the Club's T-Shirt ride and enjoyed some spirited two-up riding with zero fade. Nearly "stoppie"-type performance...I gotta remember not to grab too much of a handful! Great work on the brakes!!!!!"
Joe Michaud TRI T120 (2520V)

"I didn't know whether I was going to lock the front wheel or bend the forks."-Ted Hubbard, former AHRMA #1 (BSA  B50)

"Thanks for doing the brakes for my BMW R27. They fit and feel great! Keep up the good work. Thanks for stopping me"
Bill Westall (2520V & 2420V)

“ I contacted 'Mercury' Morse at Vintage brake, and he sent me linings (2520V) for my ‘69 Bonneville and ‘56 Goldstar. I've relined the front of the Bonneville and without having been bedded in fully, they are now genuinely, ' two fingers only' brakes. I did follow all reccomended fitting procedures supplied by Vintage Brake, as they all made sense. Now for the Goldstar. Best money I've ever spent on these motorcycles.” Johann van Blerck, South Africa

"I can bark the front tire at 30mph."
Gary Fisher, 1947 H-D (2420V)

"Just to let you know, that between the info you gave me on master cylinder-caliper ratios, and the new pads you sent, the brakes on the Pikes Peak Hill Climb Sidecar now work great. Again any thanks for your help."
Bob Bakker, P C Racing (CP901)

"I wanted to let you know that I'm completely satisfied with the overhaul of the Royal Enfield brake. ...told them if they needed brakes that you were the MAN! So thanks again. I sure do appreciate all the work, phone calls, etc. you put into fixing my stuff up."
Terry Ninnemann

July 24-26 1998 Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia---Todd Henning breaks his own lap record by 1.8 seconds after replacing Ferodo AM.4 with 2520V

Johnny Staska, modern bike racer, on his first race on a drum-braked vintage bike (Honda CR 450 replica, with TD2 brake...and 2520V): “...Surprised...Awesome!...Just as good and as strong as a modern bike. I was really impressed.”

"Thanks for the attention to detail and extra precautions taken in refurbishing the front brake/hub assembly of my old 650 Lightning. Thanks for your support and professionalism throughout this project. God bless you."
Steven Phillips (2520V)