VINTAGE BRAKE provides the discriminating classic motorcycle owner premium quality FERODO brake shoe linings for nearly all makes, models, and years BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  We offer several different compounds depending on application.  This unique service is performed on your brake shoes... there is no exchange program. 

There are 3 ways of handling your drum brake needs:

  1. Send us your shoes only. Reline only. $139.95 per pair (of shoe linings),  plus return freight.

  2. Send us your backplate/shoe assy. Reline and arc. $194.95 per pair, plus return freight.

  3. Send your complete wheel/brake assy. A complete turnkey assembly will be returned. Bonded shoes?  Add $55.00 per pair to prepare & convert to rivets.

           Drum turning: $49.00 to $65.00 each. Hub should be laced and true.

           Backplate service: $16.00 to $24.00 each

           Backplate bushing and wheel lacing available

 With each order, please be sure to include all relevant information; i.e., make, year, model, intended usage, return shipping address, daytime phone, shipping and insuring instructions, etc. Please be certain the box you ship in will hold up round trip, bubble pack recommended.  Any questions?  Please call.   


1.             Send us your shoes only.  We will inspect the shoes for condition and applicability.  We then remove the old rivets, clean & paint the stripped shoes and rivet the appropriate compound linings for your specific application.   Upon return, you will need to mount the shoes on your back plate, and turn on a lathe to .020" under your drum diameter. See Note below.  

2.             Send us your backplate/brake shoe assembly (w/o wheel).  You are doing the measuring for concentricity with an accurate vernier caliper measured to the nearest .001" and supplying us the precise inside diameter of the drum.  We then remove the old rivets, clean & blast the stripped shoes and rivet the appropriate compound linings for your specific application.  Using your measurements, we then arc the mounted shoes to the proper size. 

 3.             All of #2 plus drum turning, backplate service, and wheel bearing work.


Note: If you want to arc the linings yourself, and have access to a lathe, first mount the relined shoes on the backing plate.Turn on the lathe (300-350rpm) to .020" under drum I.D. in .010" cuts.