DRUM COMPOUNDS                                                         

4080V Race compound for racing front brake use. Extended high temperature capability and light lever pressure. Most SLS & some 2LS applications. Not linear. Must be pre-heated aggressively. Superior to AM.4. Long bed-in required. Racing only. Drum turning recommended.                                    

VB3000            High friction compound with consistent feel and performance at all duty levels and rotational speeds, for off road and street use. Good first stop capability and with excellent water dispersal. Commonly used as a road race rear with front compounds that require heating.

2420V            Compound is linear and has very good modulation. Very good first stop and wet capabilities. A excellent street compound capable of race track performance. Commonly used as a road race rear with front compounds that require heating.                                    

2520V The new world standard for drum-braked motorcycles. Race compound is best suited to 4LS, most 2LS, and high performance street use. Excellent first stop and extended high temperature capabilities. Very linear and works wet. An ideal race compound capable of street performance. User friendly.

DISC COMPOUNDS             FERODO Advanced Material Formulations                                     


FERODO's all new organic compound for high performance road use, developed from WSB racing compound CP911, combines leading edge technology gained from Ferodo's world racing program with the demands of the modern motorcyclist. This new formulation improves initial brake response with the highest coefficient friction level available in an organic road material, developed to be kind to both stainless steel and cast iron rotors. Using a unique vulcanization process, superior bonding of the friction material to a specially prepared backplate ensure consistent braking performance and longer pad life. Additionally, the backplates are alloy coated to eliminate corrosion and piston sticking. Low brake drag, excellent modulation and brilliant performance in both wet and dry conditions are all hallmarks of the new PLATINUM pads.


Over a year and a half in development with Europe's top brake components manufacturers, the all new Ferodo SinterGrip ST brake pads represent the very latest in leading edge technology of sintered metal friction design. These new pads provide outstanding performance, offering the highest coefficient of friction available in an AM road material, with copper coated backplate, not only in setting the standard for all-out braking power, but in truly remarkable feel and feedback as well. Designed to be kind to stainless rotors, this advanced friction material doesn't leave a messy and power robbing melted friction deposit on the rotor as do some other HH brand brake pads. In comparison, the SinterGrip ST pads offer less brake drag, lower operating temperature and better overall performance, as well as 3 times the pad wear, and 20% less rotor wear. For those riders who wish to stay with the original style friction material as the bike was fitted with, the top performing Ferodo SinterGrip ST Pads is the performance improvement you've been waiting for!

First World Championship Win with SinterGrip:
The 2001 Donington round of the World Championship 600 Supersport
series saw the Factory YZF-R6 of the Paolo Casoli dominate the race to
an unheard of 8+ second margin of victory! Casoli contributed a
significant portion of the win to the outstanding performance of the new
SinterGrip brake pads!!!

CP901:            A discontinued compound in a non-asbestos semi-metallic compound with a .45mu friction level. High temperature operating range with exceptional anti-fade characteristics up to 550 degrees C. Excellent water dispersal and control in wet weather. Very successful roadrace formulation, used by many racers and teams regardless of the stickers run on the bike. The preferred compound for use on iron rotors; however, very effective on stainless steel rotors as well. The most popular road race compound ever.                                        

CP911*:         Manufactured by the world renown Ferodo Italy - Automotive Racing Cell, this latest generation high carbon Hyper-Met formula is easily identified with the addition of a star "*" suffix stenciled on the backplate. The updated CP911Star offers more initial bite, yet still retaining that fine degree of control with superb modulation at the lever for incredible braking performance! Performing brilliantly on both stainless and iron rotors, bed-in remains quick and uncomplicated. This hi-tech material is kind to rotors with a remarkably low abrasion index plus operating at a significantly lower thermal threshold (at peak) than sintered metal pads under race conditions. Used by Castrol Team Honda in 2001. Thermal cycling not required.


4004F: A discontinued compound in a non-asbestos, semi-metallic material. A high friction co-efficient of .44mu offering excellent modulation and control. Requires somewhat longer bed-in period than above compounds and provides noticeably stronger braking when hot. Very kind to rotors with good anti-fade properties and excellent wet weather control. Excellent compound for use on stainless steel rotors. Rich Oliverís compound of choice for 3 years!